With a combined 25+ years experience in the jewelry and coin industry, our associates at Gold & Silver Resources are highly knowledgeable in buying and selling jewelry, as well as buying and selling coins, bullion and numismatics (collectible coins).

We Offer Appraisals For:

Coins, Bullion and Numismatics

Our associates are ANA (America Numismatics Association) members and are skilled in giving you the best evaluation and appraisal of your collection. Please call to schedule an appointment with us. We will make special arrangements for large coin collections including coming to your home. Read more about the Coins, Bullion and Numismatics we buy and sell.

Jewelry & Diamonds

We can have your jewelry appraised professionally by a gemologist for estate or insurance purposes!


Do you have any jewelry that is damaged? If you would like to enjoy these pieces again, we can have these items professionally repaired at competitive prices. Stop in and see us today. We look forward to seeing you!